Mekorot Water Company

Mekorot as Israel's National Water Company has been providing a regular, reliable and high quality supply of water along with solutions for Israel's water industry, for more than 75 years through continuous research, experimentation and field innovation. Its uniqueness as a water utility lies in unparalleled experience, know how, technologies, and innovative processes for the management, operation and treatment of all types of water resource. It is one of the world's most technologically advanced water companies and a leader in water resources management, desalination, wastewater treatment and effluent reuse, rain enhancement, water quality, water security and water project engineering. It supplies 80% of Israel's drinking water and 70% of its entire water supply, operating more than 3,000 RO and Desal installations across the country. The company provides a reliable supply of high-quality water to a rapidly growing population, despite the region's limited freshwater resources, arid climate and difficult geopolitical realities.

Mekorot partnered AFII in India for design and implementation of its cooperation programs with Indian utilities, State and Union Government, as well as identification of local infrastructure companies that can support the execution and O&M process in the short and medium term. MOUs have already been signed in the States of Haryana and Rajasthan to design and develop identified Water Projects. Mekorot shall also arrange necessary investment of over USD 1.5 Billion cumulatively in these two States for carrying out the implementation of identified Projects.

Projects in India

Water Dual Pipeline Projects Haryana & Rajasthan
RO plants across 3000 villages in the state Rajasthan

Joint Development of High Tech Agriculture through Waste Water Reuse

Waste water treatment and desalination Rajasthan


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