Israel Electric Corporation
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AFII represented Israel Electric Corporation, Isarel's State owned Power Corporation, in India. The State of Israel owns 99.85% of IEC's shares. IEC is one of the largest industrial companies in Israel and has over 13,000 employees with 2.6 million customers. IEC is the sole integrated electric utility in the State of Israel which Generates, Transmits and Distributes substantially all of the electricity consumed in the State of Israel.

IEC is expanding its solar power generation capacity in Israel to decrease its dependency on coal and gas supply. Recently it has also signed up a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Keturah Sun Company (which is owned by Arava Power). The agreement, which is valid for 20 years and is worth an estimated NIS 250 million, would provide solar electricity produced in Kibbuts Ketura to be transferred to IEC's power lines. IEC has developed a technology on producing Solar Power using the roof tops of the Greenhouses without any decrease in yield per acre of the crop. This technology serves the dual purpose of supplying power along with production of crops and will help farmers earn more.

IEC brings its capabilities of implementing large coal fired power projects on a foot print as small as 1/10th of the usual foot print of such projects in India. This shall enable Indian Government to minimize the land acquisition and farmer displacement process and carry out integrated economic development at lowest social cost. IEC also brings its abilty to use minimal water for operation of such Power Projects. It has to its credit and operational in Israel, a 2550 Mw Coal Fired Power Project built on a footprint of less than 330 Acres. It also has to its credit one of world's largest (720 Mw x 8) Coal Fired Power Project implemented using its Air Cooling Technology in Africa.

Projects in India

Solar Power Solar Power Project in partnership with Hindustan Salts Limited (MoU Signed) Gujarat 4000
Thermal Power Proposed Power Projects (under various stages of negotiation) West Bengal
Tamil Nadu