AFII in the Education Sector

The Indian Education Sector presents some unique oppertunities and areas particularly for long term growth.

Given the economic importance of education there are several hurdles and challenges that the education sector, skill development and training sector,encounter. and as such needs support such as:- Oppertunities for international partnerships and ventures namely with an emphasis on augmenting skill development across various sectors with an Industry Oriented Education. Provide high quality contemporary education that makes students employable.

Often the Public, Students, Faculty do not have access locally to hightech venues capable of hosting international level conferences primarily due to a lot of factors, namely financial constraints etc. Facutly interactions through joint programmes in Curriculum development, Best practices, Mutual Knowledge Exchange and Student Exchange programs. Access to High quality Education across all levels with an emphasis on higher education.

Inorder to bridge this gap Eternal Life Foundation (ELF) ,a not for profit company, duly incorporated under section 25 under Indian Companies Act, 1956 promoted by AFII Group has embarked on a mission to make available international standard job oriented higher education to India; With this goal they have tied up with the Israel Electric Corporation's training wing: IEC is the integrated Power Utility Company of israel with operations in Generation,Transmission and Distribution of Power. In association with IEC ELF will impart industry oriented training to Indian University students in the area of PowerEngineering and Home Land Security.

ELF /IEC has recently tiedup with Hemchandracharya North Gujrat University for technical education courses in Homeland Security all across the 160 or so Technical colleges affliated to the University., to expose students who have no exposure to Homeland Security. Homeland Security has not been given prominance in education.till now and its importance is being recognised of late.