" To deliver infrastructure assets globally on self sustaining models of financing, enhancing the livability of countries without increasing burden on existing income streams of its people."
Financial Structures
Proprietary Models using Institutional Finance, Capital Market instruments, Equity leveraging and Securitization Techniques, AFII is able to support development of large infra and real estate projects with minimal financial dependence on sponsoring governments
Harnessing Intrinsic Strenghts
Technologically advanced and willing Government companies work with AFII to provide solutions to other Government agencies in emerging markets; it keeps social costs of development fairly low and upsides substantially high, thereby making it a very attractive model of progression for emerging market economies
In-House Expertise
AFII Teams are competent with over 200 years of cumulative experience at the Top Management level - across functional specializations including Design, Engineering, Finance, Legal and Project Management in both Infrastructure and Real Estate. We are able to give the right inputs, incubate the project and then effectively hand-hold its execution process.